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Your Efficiency Experts

ÖKOTEC Energy Management, the creators of EnEffCo®, have been developing intelligent solutions for reducing resource and energy consumption since 1999. We have carried out projects with companies at more than 850 commercial sites in Germany and abroad and are one of the leading experts in energy efficiency and energy reduction. Veolia has been a majority stakeholder of ÖKOTEC since 2016. Veolia provides innovative and sustainable solutions in the areas of water, waste management and energy.

We help businesses analyse energy use, develop energy management solutions, and implement and monitor energy savings projects. Thanks to our highly systematic working methods, we increase the potential for efficiency and energy savings along the entire energy system. We support companies using DIN EN ISO 50001-certified energy management systems with various services that ensure continuous improvement. In addition, we have more than 15 years of experience in organizing energy efficiency networks, and we have served as a valuable partner to federal ministries and institutions in a number of research and development projects.

In 2013, we made the EUREF Campus our new headquarters. Located near the gasometer in the Berlin district of Schöneberg, the campus understands itself as a symbol of Germany’s clean-energy transition, bringing together companies in the fields of energy, sustainability and transport.

An Innovative Software Solution – Based on Extensive Industry Experience

EnEffCo® was developed together with a number of partners in a variety of research and development projects. ÖKOTEC’s expertise in process engineering and system technology – thanks to its many energy efficiency and energy savings projects – was crucial for the development of EnEffCo®. Since its release in the fall of 2013, EnEffCo® has become a leading software solution for energy management.

The EnEffCo® team consists of more than 25 people working on projects in their respective areas of expertise.







EnEffCo® Management


Our EnEffCo® team is looking forward to working on joint projects with you. We would like to introduce some of them to you here: