Shaping the Clean-Energy Transition Together

Dynamic energy markets and government targets for climate protection are posing challenges for companies across a range of industries. At the same time, the demands and expectations of stakeholders are constantly increasing. In order to systematically boost the energy efficiency of business operations, advanced energy-management methods and professional IT tools are essential.
The EnEffCo® solution was developed by industry practitioners for industry practitioners. It enables the comprehensive management of energy efficiency, allowing companies to systematically track, monitor, and evaluate energy system data and processes. Depending on your specific requirements, EnEffCo® can be expanded with additional modules to help you organize tasks, manage individual clients and sites, and view data in new ways. EnEffCo® has been on the market since 2013 and is the established solution at more than 1,000 commercial sites – including more than 100 factories – in Germany and abroad. Notable EnEffCo® customers include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Speira, and Kerrygold.

The Advantages of Using EnEffCo®

Increase transparency

Improve and maintain efficiency

Reduce expenditures

Achieve climate targets

Ensure regulatory compliance

Expandable flexibility

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Multiple Benefits KPI Energy Performance Indicators

The Many Benefits of
Energy Performance Indicators

Companies are often unsure as to whether their systems are energy efficient or whether measures to improve efficiency have been successful. With ÖKOTEC’s targeted energy performance indicators and systematic solutions, you can reliably track the success of your efficiency project goals.

Appropriate for a Variety
of Application Areas

Software requirements vary depending on their area of application. EnEffCo’s extensive functionality and supplementary modules ensure a results-oriented solution in a variety of domains, including energy and environmental management, facility management, managerial accounting, and production.

Conformity ISO 50001

Certified ISO 50001
Norm Compliance

EnEffCo® has been certified by an external auditor to be in compliance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2018. The software solution was praised not only for the way it integrates specific energy-related factors, but also for its support of system management activities.

Digital Innovation

Working today to create the sustainable products and services of tomorrow: we are already developing the solutions of tomorrow as part of our R&D projects and cooperative activities with clients.


Funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), this project aims to develop software that can automatically regulate systems according to energy efficiency criteria. The heart of the solution is an intelligent control system based on ÖKOTEC energy performance indicators, statistical methods and artificial intelligence. ÖKOTEC is cooperating with Bayer, Daimler and ThyssenKrupp in this project.


With “CO2realtime“, companies can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and save energy costs. One innovative aspect of the project is that the carbon footprint reflects real-time data for specific product. The “Real-time Product Carbon Footprint” project started in 2017 in cooperation with Hydro Rolled Products and with funding from the German Federal Environmental Foundation. The partner for communication is co2online.

Flexibility Management

The expansion of renewable energy in the German power grid offers appealing revenue opportunities for flexible consumption systems to balance out increasingly fluctuating generation. In the industrial sector, it introduces interesting possibilities for production and cross-cutting technologies. ÖKOTEC is testing these possibilities in various R&D projects. In WindNODE (part of BMWi’s SINTEG funding programme), ÖKOTEC is developing the concept of a technical interface for automated flexibility assessment and control and is testing the processes at pilot industrial plants. In “Phi-Factory“, scientists at TU Darmstadt, together with ÖKOTEC and industrial partners, are investigating how the supply of renewable energy can be harmonised with demand.

Our Goal Is Your Satisfaction


In addition to our software, we provide tailor-made services. The 25-person strong EnEffCo® team is passionate about digital energy management, energy efficiency and energy savings. Users of EnEffCo benefit from our expert knowledge in technology infrastructure, process and system technology, and intelligent data analysis. We develop performance indicators and measurement techniques, recommend measurement systems, train specific user groups, and analyse data to develop and implement promising measures for enhancing operations management.